RSL Sub Branch

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Mundubbera RSL Sub Branch Hall
29 Bauer Street,
Mundubbera QLD 4626
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Information for Members

Meetings are held the 4th Saturday of the month (except December) at 0930 hours for a friendly cuppa then meeting commences at 1000 hours.

Sub Branch History

Old records show that Mundubbera R.S.S.A.I.L.A. Sub Branch was the first Club formed in Mundubbera in 1918 with first president John Blee who lived on a farm 5 miles out of Mundubbera and rode a horse into the meetings.  First secretary was Ben Thompson who lived 5 miles out of town the other direction and walked to the meetings carrying a port. The earliest records of Mundubbera Sub Branch is a Bank Account which was opened at the National Bank (National Australia) in November 1919. The Sub Branch still retains the National Bank as their financial institution today.  Early meetings were held in the office of Mr. Dick Graham (Military Medal) a Commission Agent and then the Shire Hall Supper Room until 1948

Mundubbera RSL Sub Branch Charter was granted 1st September 1919. Early maps show that in  1919 land was set aside for a Soldier’s Memorial Hall behind the Shire Hall, no official record can be located as to why this block was not used but in 1948 the RSL was given a block, 29 Bauer Street Mundubbera  for the sole purpose of building a RSL Hall. Work commenced on this building in August 1948 by local tradesmen and materials. The Hall was ready for occupation in December 1948 at a cost of £500. The Mundubbera Monument was built at the top of the main street, Lyons Street, in 1927  at a cost of £ 350.  The main block weighs around 2 ton and positioning it gave the builders and helpers a few problems, records show that they eventually erected a tripod over the truck, attached the block then drove the truck away.

Main fundraising events in those days to achieve all this ground breaking work centred around  sports days, dances, concerts, boxing matches and horse races. In 1949 a Chocolate Wheel was purchased and we are still using that wheel to this day.  Mundubbera was the first Sub Branch awarded the “District Shield” in 1928. They won it again in 1939, 1984 and as recent as 2014. A great tribute to a lot of hard work by committed Members.  Fund raising activities have changed with the times and not many of these activities are in existence but the present Sub Branch is constant in their activities to maintain what our forefathers left us. In 2011 the current Executive Committee undertook the task of upgrading the Hall which had had no extensive maintenance for nearly 60 years.  With the help of grants from various organisations, fund raising and RSL and local support the Hall has had a major facelift and virtually every aspect of the building from the stumps up has been replaced and modern amenities installed.  Something the Members and the Community are very proud of.  Unfortunately we had flood damage during the 2013 local flooding, something we never expected to happen. Our insurance would not cover the repairs but with the patriotic spirit of our Community the damaged newly polished floor was again repolished and the Hall ready for use  again.  With all this work having been carried out the Hall is used more extensively by the community and visitors.

From these humble beginnings of the Mundubbera RSL Sub Branch to this current day the main objective is the welfare of our aging Members and young Members who have returned from recent conflicts and keeping the RSL alive within the community.

2016 Executive Committee

Mr. David Roach

Vice President
Mr. Neville Hastings

Mr. John Ogden

Mrs. Dawn Ogden